Visual testing is used for the detection of surface flaws and discontinuities. The effectiveness of the technique can be enhanced through the aid of such tools as mirrors, magnifiers, fiberscopes, etc. Quantification of indications can be augmented through the use of tools such as depth gauges, templates, displacement gauges, etc.
AITIS team for Visual Inspectors are Certified and Experienced as well. We have a number of Certified Visual Inspector from ASNT, API, CSWIP / AWS, NACE and BGAS.




The technique is portable and can be used on-site.


Portable hardness can also be used to monitor hardness of purchased components.


The hardness technique can be applied to wide variety of materials. Like all ferrous and non ferrous and alloys.


The technique is useful where elevated temperature components used at high stresses


(turbine rotor / discs, steam piping, heat exchanger, pressure vessels, etc.).




To check the hardness of heat treated part and to verify the heat treatment Process.


Portable Hardness testing of various metals & alloys in different forms such as castings, forgings, pipes, plates etc. non-destructively & at site.


Life assessment of equipment & components used in service at high temperature & under high stress / pressure (like reactors, furnace tubes, turbine shaft, turbine discs, gas pipe lines etc.)