Internal Rotary Inspection System – IRIS


It s very accurate. Wall thickness measurements can be made, with the use of a 15MHz-focused transducer, to an accuracy of within 0.1mm.


IRIS is an ultrasonic based system for inspecting ferrous and nonferrous tubes from the inside. It is applied on almost any material. With the IRIS, accurate thickness measurements can be taken at any location along the tube, so small changes in thickness are measurable and the exact location of pitting and corrosion can be determined.


It is a fairly sensitive technique. The sensitivity achieved will depend on tube dimensions and tube cleanliness. In general, it can be stated that, it should be possible to detect a 1.5mm defect in tubing up to 1 inch which has been properly cleaned.


Both ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic tubes can be inspected


A three dimensional picture of the defect is obtained, thus the defect profile and its depth is provided.