In-Situ Metallography & Replica


Metallography or microscopy consists of microscopic study of the structural constituents (i.e. Ferrite, Pearlite, Carbide, Austenite, etc.) of metals or an alloy by optical microscope or an electron microscope. In metallography, we also study the relation of structure to properties of metals or alloys.




The technique is portable and can be used on-site.


Field Metallography can also be used to monitor quality of purchased components.


Field Metallography can be used to monitor the evolution of micro structural changes in components during lifetime.


This is particularly useful in assessing creep damage in elevated temperature components ( turbine rotor / discs, steam piping, heat exchanger, chemical reactor, pressure vessels, etc.)


The technique can be applied to a wide variety of materials.


Field Metallography can complement nondestructive techniques such as ultrasonic testing.